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Why Coaching?

1. Brokerages have inconsistent training.

2. Consistency is the key to improvement.

3. Top producing agents are busy and don't have time to mentor new agents.

4. You don't always know where to find the answers you need.

5. Most RE "Coaches" have never sold real estate or failed at it.

When I started my career as a Realtor, I craved training!  I watched hours of YouTube videos, read books, and went to the office everyday hoping a top agent would be there with something I could help them with.

My brokerage offered a coach, but she was more like a cheerleader.  After a year in the business, I hired my second coach to hold me accountable and help avoid "Shiny Object Syndrome." But, at over $500/mo it's expensive!

After giving presentations at my local Association of Realtors, my brokerage, and for EXIT Corporate, I would always receive calls and emails from people who wanted more information.  I LOVE to help others, but I also know that as a top producer, I must manage my time appropriately.

So, I launched my coaching program to:

1. Hold you accountable

2. Help you multiply your business

3. Share everything I've learned

Coaching is every Wednesday at 12pm (Central) LIVE in our Facebook group.  Calls are recorded so you can go back and watch at your convenience. Each month I cover 4 topics: Prospecting, Systems, Mindset and Finance. 

I am in this game with you! I believe in Community over Competition and I live this to show people that I can be successful--AND SO CAN YOU.

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